Leonard Podolak | Songs of The Duhks

Saturday, July 11th 11AM EDT 
Songs of The Duhks with Leonard Podolak 

Class Size: Unlimited 

Class Description: Sit down with the founder of The Duhks, one of the first great traditional fusion bands in roots music. Leonard will break down some of The Duhks most memorable tunes. This course is especially good for banjo players & singers!

Instructor Bio  Founder and bandleader of The Duhks, Leonard Podolak is an innovator and folk music contributor, touring music festivals throughout the world. Frequently making visits to North America, Europe and Australia with The Duhks, Leonard has shared styles of music from the string traditions of Appalachia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Quebec, and Louisiana, while bringing in influences of Gospel, Blues, Rock, Afro-Cuban, and African traditions.