Blissfest Alcohol Management Plan

The goal of our alcohol management plan is to provide for a safe and healthy Blissfest by encouraging and educating for responsible use of alcohol. There are currently designated use and non-use areas on the festival grounds. These are posted and listed below along with education, monitoring and enforcement measures. If you are underage……you are the future and have a very responsible position at the festival. There are potentially great individual and organizational consequences if underage drinking is present. You will be ejected from the festival or arrested if you do not follow underage drinking laws. PLEASE tap into the positive natural energy here and do not drink alcohol or allow your friends to drink underage.

An annual evaluation will provide an opportunity to determine the impact of our policy is working and allow for changes and adjustments.

After 2 a.m. alcohol consumption is allowed only at individual campsites and not in any other festival areas.

I. Designated Areas: Current Restricted (Alcohol Free) Areas

1. Children’s Areas
2. Third Stage
3. Drum Kiva
4. Friends of Bill Camping area
5. Workshop areas
6. Teen area
7. Front 50 feet of the Main Concert area after 9pm.
8. Front half of the 2nd stage seating area 50×50 ft. after 8pm and during Family Concert Saturday Night

II. Education

1. Printed materials and posters in the public areas
2. Regular educational announcements from the main and second stages

III. Monitoring:

1. Entrance gate check of ID and searching of vehicles of underage patrons. *
2. Patrol by Bliss Assist , Private Security and sheriff deputies or state troopers
3. Provide for an annual evaluation of the alcohol policy.

IV. Enforcement:

1. Blissfest Security personnel will patrol on foot and call for police support as warranted.
2. Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct will risk expulsion from the festival as per current Blissfest safe expulsion policy.*