Blissfest Future Forest-BFF

The Blissfest Future Forest (BFF) is a forest remnant of 40 acres with a small grove of Red/White pines, planted plantation style in the center.

The forest is in process of renewing itself after the most recent tree harvest. Blissfest Music Organization, as steward of this special place, is comitted to providing a visitor- friendly way to experience the BFF and its permanent residents- the birds, mammals and trees that call the BFF home.

Our thanks to Forests for the Future for entrusting Blissfest Music Organization with this wonderful gift of northern Michigan’s legacy.

To have a more immersive experience in the Blissfest Future Forest, please go to the Kiva Gate entry and Welcome Center for more information, eco-tools to borrow for your walk, and a trail map.

In partnership with the
North Country Trail Association
The North Country Trail (NCT) is the longest National Scenic Trail in the nation, stretching 4,800 miles across eight states from North Dakota to Vermont. It is primarily a hiking trail maintained by volunteers of the North Country Trail Association.

Invasive Species in the Future Forest
RED TRAIL: Short loop, gentle slope back to gate, easiest walking GREEN TRAIL: Longer loop, rougher path, easy walking
BLACK TRAIL: Walk About Way
BLUE TRAIL: North Country Trail
The BFF currently has three invasive species within the forest we are attempting to eradicate. We ask that you carefully use the boot brush while entering and exiting this forest to minimize further damage by expanding these species or introducing new invasives.