Board Elections │ General Membership Meeting

Board Elections
General Membership Meeting

November 21, 2021
3pm Zoom

Thank you to all the candidates. We are pleased to welcome our new Board Members Peter Kehoe and Vince Rogala.

The Blissfest is comprised of a 10-member volunteer board. Blissfest members in good standing may apply to serve on the board. Terms are 3 years with the option to run for a second term. 

In general, boards of non-profit organizations are responsible for advancing, being good stewards of, and nurturing the mission of the organization.  Boards provide oversight, governance, and help plan for the future.

Serving on a non-profit board is an opportunity to do even more for an organization that you are already passionate about.  You have a skillset, and organizations need it. 

Non-profit board service can be personally rewarding and you can have a long-lasting positive impact on the organization.  Plus for Blissfest, you receive complimentary tickets!