Board Elections

New Board Members

Bob Humphrey

I've been involved with blissfest for years and have served on the board for 10 years including roles as secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. I started the Bliss Airforce and am still involved in the drone aspect for planning purposes. Presently serving on 3 committees and looking forward to helping the organization transition into the future as Jim steps down from the Executive Director position. I believe it's important to have a diverse board and I can bring in years of experience to help mentor our younger members as we move forward.
Thanks for considering me.

Sean Miller

The last four years of my life and career have been spent as the art and entertainment reporter for the Petoskey News-Review. I was also unable to be a member and board member as it would create bias and a conflict of interest between myself, my job and the Blissfest Music Organization.

However, I recently accepted a new job with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians to work on an online language class to cultivate learning and preserve the language and traditions. This also allows me to finally and formally be a member and apply to be a board member.

The last four years though have shown me an inside look into the Blissfest Music Organization and I've found myself growing as a person through Blissfest offerings, growing as a musician and stepping up into some volunteer opportunities through the organization having been on the marketing committee for a short while and offering my photography experience every year for the festival.

I have also come to know each of the staff (and some former staff) well and have the honor of calling them friends and close colleagues.

The work that each individual on the staff does is important for local, regional and international culture, music, music education and music outreach.

As a musician, someone who has spent his life around music and someone who originally went to college for music education, I know the important of this organization on each level and I would love the opportunity to serve the organization push forward in its programming, operations and festivals. This is especially so as the current executive leader, after 40 years, will be stepping back a bit and retiring after Blissfest 40.

It's important for the organization now more than ever to have strong leadership, goals and vision through the board members and staff to continue through the next 40 years to Blissfest 80.

Cindy Lou Poquette

I have 30+ years of experience with the BMO, many of them serving on the Board. I currently serve on Policy and Governance, Finance and the BFF committees. I would like to continue to share my experience, perspective and organizational knowledge to help guide our beloved organization during the challenging transition period onward toward both a stable and progressive future. We must facilitate communications among Board, staff, director and membership to further enhance creative, trustworthy and respectful relationships. We also need to mentor our more youthful BMO members, impart knowledge and endow them with the resources needed to follow their bliss, assume responsibility, develop leadership, take the reins and steer Blissfest into a healthy and happy future.

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