Board Elections

Board Elections

The Blissfest Annual Potluck and General Membership Meeting will be held on November 11th at the Carnegie Building in Petoskey. A community potluck will begin at 5:00pm with the membership meeting to follow at 6:00 pm. After the meeting follow us to Crooked Tree Arts Center to see Steve Poltz – member tickets will be on sale for $15.00. Please bring a dish to pass and a place setting. Not a member of Blissfest yet? It’s never too late to sign up! Memberships can be purchased or renewed at the meeting or can be purchased by clicking here!

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Membership meeting starts at 5 pm at the Carnegie Building, 541 E. Mitchell St. Petoskey MI. Concert will be held at 8pm at Crooked Tree Arts Center 461 E. Mitchell St. Petoskey, MI

The board elections will take place at our annual Membership Meeting. There are 8 candidates seeking 3 available positions for the 2018 Blissfest Board of Directors. Their biographies are below. 

Board Nominee Biographies 

Carolyn Belknap

I’ve watched the Blissfest organization change and thrive over the years and would like to be a part of that ongoing growth. It’s exciting to see the diversity of staff and programming as new perspectives are welcomed.
As a former member of the Grain Train Board of Directors, I bring knowledge of board processes and responsibilities with me. I’m aware of the wonkiness of the position, and actually, enjoy that aspect of board membership.

I’ve attended many Blissfest events, including concerts at Crooked Tree Art Center, Tiny Room concerts and the annual festival for many years.

I’ve volunteered in the Children’s Area and Hospitality for the past 4-5 years and have a deep appreciation for the work that goes on behind the scenes to make Bliss Fest such a success.

Thanks for your consideration,
Carolyn Belknap

Bradford Davis

I have been attending Blissfest for close to twenty years and would like to help with all that Blissfest is for everyone that had made it what it is which for me and others like me is a pretty fantastic yearly three-day respite from the world we live in. I am a seasoned (23 years) CEO for a fairly decent size medical equipment manufacturing company so I am quite adept in management and visionary thinking. Also having the fiduciary responsibility for a multimillion-dollar 401K portfolio and the employees who work for me, I know and understand the legal ramifications required of a trustee. I live in Holland so if that would be an obstacle in performing the duties required of Board Member I would not want to hinder the performance of the Board so please keep that in mind. However, I can make my own schedule so there is that. Thanks for a great time again this year! Kind regards, Brad Davis

Mark Lloyd

I have been attending Blissfest for 27 years and it is my favorite weekend of the year. I have introduced numerous people to the festival. Blissfest is an important event that is multicultural and presents festival goers the opportunity to experience a sampling of international musicality. I would be honored to assist in promoting and assisting the festival in any way.

Scott MacKenzie

I have fallen in love with the Bliss Fest organization and its mission!
I have served on multiple non-profit boards over the years and fell I have a great deal of experience to offer the organization.

Executive Director, Charlevoix Area Humane Society March 2013 – Present

Scott MacKenzie Auction Services and “Fun” Raising March 1994 – Present

2010-present Concierge
Mountain Grand Lodge, Boyne Resorts Boyne Falls, Michigan

2008-2011  Partner and Director of Business Development Great Lakes Region

Executive Director Northern Michigan Tourist Association

2001-2007 Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Boyne City, Michigan
Executive Director

Matthew Pierpont

Hello Bliss Family!  My first invitation to Blissfest was in 1999 while working at the Wolverine Camps with Pete who runs the First Aid Tent for you every year.  He gave me his extra ticket and we camped next to each other in an open field not far from the music.  I cried as I walked up to the main stage being overwhelmed by the positive energy which I’ve always felt at the Blissfest Grounds, that grows into a broader spectrum with each band that blesses the stages.  Richie Havens was the first artist I saw play there and I’ve tried to experience as many acts as possible ever since. It’s been so amazing to watch the progression of the grounds, the year-round events throughout the community, and the passion of those guiding the way.  I would absolutely love to help this immeasurably important organization in any way I can.  There are often times I feel like I was born to play a part in the magic we call Bliss.  Though I’ve never officially volunteered and let my membership lapse on occasion, playing guitar, the djembe and singing with Happy Campers, Phakowis, and Pluckers makes it feel like I’m contributing to the soul of the festival.  Of course, I constantly pick up trash and help those in need, but really feel I have qualities and experience that would be useful to the organization.  Besides being a musician for 35 years, I have a Mass Communications degree which I focused towards radio/music production and worked in that field for many years.  I’ve also been in sales and hospitality for about 20 years, with a focus on marketing for 10 years.  I’ve built websites and managed social media for a few businesses, and am currently in charge of event coordinating at the Odawa Casino & Hotel while serving as VP of the Petoskey Area Junior Chamber (term ending soon, but meet on Wednesdays).  Peace and love to all of you, and thank you for influencing me toward who I am.

Bill Schwab

I’ve been a participant in Blissfest since the very beginning, missing only 3 years in its history. I have recently moved full time to the area and only live a mile from the site. It is an event that has gone from an individual experience to that of my family with my 13 year-old son being a lifetime Bliss Kid. I have been a vendor in the art festival with my tin-types and been a photographer onstage for may of the best acts Bliss has presented. I have a deep love and knowledge of music both current and vintage and think I could be a fine asset to the board. I feel it is time for me to step up and do my part in an official role and am most definitely up for the tasks and responsibilities. Thank you!

Susan Scott

Hello!  I am currently finishing up my final year of a 2-year appointment to the Blissfest BoD.  I joined the board in early 2016 and have served as the chair of the HR Committee and Succession Planning sub-committee and have also actively participated in the Finance Committee.  I have been serving as President of the board since January of 2017 and also continued to serve as chair of the Succession Planning sub-committee.  Prior to my early retirement and permanent relocation to Petoskey in 2015, I worked for a large manufacturing company downstate in the finance area and have extensive experience in organizational design and development.  I was also a member of several “for profit” boards during my working years.  I feel my business and organizational design experience as well as my more recent experience running the Blissfest Board will serve the organization well in what will likely be a significant period of change.

David Trautman Jr.

This is my 30th year working with the Blissfest (insert old joke here).  In all those years I have always looked at it as a blessing, to be able to help put together an event that brings so much joy, fun, and beauty to so many people……quite an honor.  I have learned so much from working on so many projects at the fest.  I’ve done everything from working on stage, serving on the site committee, building a refrigerated trailer, to laying out the campgrounds, vendors and arts and crafts folks.
I have had a great time trying out ideas and working alongside some great people.

I can lend a lot of wisdom (that might be to strong a word), let’s say experience …..working on the Blissfest board.  My crystal ball tells me that the next few years will encompass numerous changes and transitions at the festival. Like a proud papa, I hope I can be on the front line to help with these changes.


We encourage all members to attend the General Membership Meeting. If you are unable to attend you may vote by Absentee Ballot.

Please email or call to request an Absentee Ballot. 231-348-7047

You may also have another member represent you at the meeting as your proxy. Proxy instructions and PDF form. 
Click Here for Proxy Form

Please mail or email your absentee or proxy ballot to:

522 Liberty St. Petoskey, MI 49770

Digital Absentee Ballots will be accepted until Friday, Nov. 10th at 8pm

To vote by proxy please email the proxy form in or send a hard copy to the General Membership Meeting with your proxy. 


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