Board of Directors Information and Job Description

BIissfest Board of Directors

The Blissfest is comprised of a 10 member volunteer board. Blissfest members in good standing are invited to participate in the governing body of the organization. The board meets each month on the first Tuesday of the month and members are required to be on the Festival Operations Committee and encouraged to be involved in another standing committee and most committees meet on Tues. Terms are 3 years with the option to run for a second term. Standing committees include; Programming/Marketing, Site, Future Forest, Finance, Human Resources, Festival Operations and Governance/Policy.

***If you are interested in running for the Board please complete the application by SEPTEMBER 30th, 2017.***


Board Member Responsibilities

In general boards of non-profit organizations are responsible to know the group’s mission, be good stewards and help nurture the organization. Boards provide oversight, governance and help plan for the future. More specifically they:

  • Create and modify governance and policy, which sets the direction and establishes parameters on how the organization will operate.
  • Hire, delegate responsibilities and evaluate an executive director
  • Establish an annual budget
  • Ensure there are adequate resources and manage these resources effectively
  • Help develop strategic plans and monitor the impact of programs and services


Board Member Job Description

  • Be committed to the organization and group process
  • Attend Board meetings, Annual meeting, yearly retreat and annual festival  
  • Attend orientation for Board members
  • Understand the legal responsibility as trustee of the organization
  • Prepare in advance for all board meetings
  • Make decisions based on the mission of the organization and what is best for those you serve
  • Chair or co-chair one standing committee
  • Recruit new organization members and member volunteers to serve on committees
  • Notify staff or secretary if unable to attend a meeting
  • Annually evaluate Executive Director
  • Help secure necessary resources for the organization.



  • Free concert series pass
  • 2 festival passes and camping for the Annual Blissfest.
  • Free festival shirt
  • Name on wall of fame displayed at festival site upon completion of 2 terms

Mission Statement:
The Blissfest Music Organization’s mission is to preserve traditions and promote innovators of American and world roots music, arts, and sustainable living through performance, education and community participation.