Elyce Fishman Scholarship Program

Want to learn to play the fiddle, make homemade glazes for a clay pot, carve a fish lure, or dance Cajun style? Traditional arts scholarships are available to help you build your skills in traditional, folk and roots music, dance, oral history and arts/crafts.


For more than a decade, the Blissfest Music Organization, a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable arts organization headquartered in Petoskey, has made scholarship funds available for northern Michigan children and adults. Wheatland Music Organization, a nonprofit based in Remus, Michigan, uses the Blissfest allocation to make awards to northern Michigan residents for traditional arts activities. Its Elyce Fishman Scholarship Committee reviews all scholarship applications and makes awards based on the applicant’s financial need, potential for growth and likelihood of preserving a traditional art.


Traditional arts are learned person to person, passed from generation to the next, and influenced by culture, family, ethnicity, and era. To obtain an online scholarship application click here. You can also go to www.wheatlandmusic.org or call (989) 967 8879. To apply, mail the completed application page (page 3 of 5) along with two letters of reference to:



Wheatland Music Organization

PO Box 22

Remus, MI 49340


Please contact us if we can assist you in any capacity. Feel free to phone us at
231-348-7047 or e-mail jim@blissfest.org.