Coordinator BlissCrew


Coordinator Wristbands, T-Shirts, Hospitality Passes, and any other coordinator information will be picked up at the Volunteer Check-in at the gate on site Thursday. 

***Plus 1 Wristbands will be mailed or picked up at Will Call based on if you registered your guest after June 25th***

Coordinator Guest Wristband Information

If the Coordinator Plus 1 or yourself has received the blue wristband in the mail CLICK HERE  to register that wristband with the name of the person who will be wearing it into the gate.

This can be done anytime.

Registration can be found at the top left hand corner of the screen in RED.

Coordinator Premium Benefits

  • Invitation-only volunteer leadership position
  • 16 hours=1 Coordinator Wristband (for yourself) + 1 Guest Wristband + 1 Hospitality Pass
  •  Complimentary Individual Annual Blissfest Music Organization membership ($30 value), if you don’t already have a current membership.
  • Complimentary Members will receive discount on a reserved campsite for $25 ($50 value, you pay ½ price), any additional campsite reservations will be sold at full price.
  • Lifetime and paid annual Members may redeem a free campsite
  • Coordinators do not need to pay the 2018 RV fee. RV Units > 16 ft. will be charged a $10 convenience fee this year.
  • You may still choose to camp in the woods or in the field on a first-come, first-serve basis (due to early admission, you still get primo choices!)

*Coordinator Check-In is for Returning Coordinators Only*


Important Dates

January  | Online Coordinator Check-In Begins
January 8 | Veteran and Rookie BlissCrew Work Exchange Applications Open
February 1 | Area Schedule Changes Due
March 15 | **Deadline** Camping Reservation & Online Coordinator Check-In Due
May 19 | Coordinator Picnic @ Blissfest Festival Farm
May 20 | 1st BlissCrew Work Exchange Blissformation Day
June 1 | Coordinator Guest Registration Due
June 16 | 2nd BlissCrew Work Exchange Blissformation Day
June 29 | **Deadline** BlissCrew Work Exchange Applications Close & Hospitality Passes
July 11 | Selected Area Coordinators May Arrive
July 12 | Coordinator and Early Entry BlissCrew Arrive
July 12 | Coordinator and Early Entry BlissCrew Meeting
July 13, 14, 15 | 38th Annual Blissfest
July 16 | Post-Fest Clean-Up and Survivor’s Party