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Area Coordinators

Coordinator Check-Ins are now in your Inbox and In Link Below In Red!

Coordinators work 16 hours total over the course of the weekend, plus additional hours pre-fest and post-fest to organize their areas. They are the backbone of the festival and the leaders of every area.

Coordinator Premium Benefits

  • Invitation-only volunteer leadership position
  • 16 hours=1 Coordinator Wristband (for yourself) + 1 Guest Wristband + 1 Hospitality Pass
  •  Complimentary Individual Annual Blissfest Music Organization membership ($30 value), if you don’t already have a current membership.
  • Complimentary Members will receive discount on a reserved campsite for $25 ($50 value, you pay ½ price), any additional campsite reservations will be sold at full price.
  • Lifetime and paid annual Members may redeem a free campsite
  • Coordinators do not need to pay the 2018 RV fee. RV Units > 16 ft. will be charged a $10 convenience fee this year.
  • You may still choose to camp in the woods or in the field on a first-come, first-serve basis (due to early admission, you still get primo choices!)

*Coordinator Check-In is for Returning Coordinators Only*

Coordinators, please indicate your return by March 15th by Clicking Here to Complete Coordinator Check-In form. 

Important Dates

January  | Online Coordinator Check-In Begins
January 8 | Veteran and Rookie BlissCrew Work Exchange Applications Open
February 1 | Area Schedule Changes Due
March 15 | **Deadline** Camping Reservation & Online Coordinator Check-In Due
May 19 | Coordinator Picnic @ Blissfest Festival Farm
May 20 | 1st BlissCrew Work Exchange Blissformation Day
June 1 | Coordinator Guest Registration Due
June 16 | 2nd BlissCrew Work Exchange Blissformation Day
June 29 | **Deadline** BlissCrew Work Exchange Applications Close & Hospitality Passes
July 11 | Selected Area Coordinators May Arrive
July 12 | Coordinator and Early Entry BlissCrew Arrive
July 12 | Coordinator and Early Entry BlissCrew Meeting
July 13, 14, 15 | 38th Annual Blissfest
July 16 | Post-Fest Clean-Up and Survivor’s Party
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