Dale Owen

Why are you interested in serving on the Blissfest Board?
I have been a part of the Blissfest community for 25 years. The festival has been a very positive part of my life, and a positive tradition in our community. The BMO is an important anchor for music, art, cultural enrichment, and the artistic community in Northern Michigan. I believe now is pivotal time for growth of Blissfest, with the passing of the torch in Executive Directorship, and the challenges we have all faced in 2020. It will require skilled, dedicated leadership and support to keep the magic going for years to come. I am also interested in preserving the legacy and traditions that have made Blissfest very special for so many. I am interested in helping develop a sustainable strategic plan for the festival, the mission of supporting roots music and art, and taking care of the beautiful land that is as much a part of Bliss as the music. I also believe, in these times where our togetherness and social connections have been strained and curtailed, we need to work more diligently than ever to be a part of bringing healthy community events and experiences back to our area, and to push for the value of the festival as a way to stay happy and connected.

Please add a brief bio of your relevant experience.
I am a psychiatrist, I have extensive experience working with people and conflict resolution, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, which is of value in development and planning around the general festival culture, Bliss Assist, staff training, and maintaining the organization’s posture of healthy, responsible enjoyment of the festival. I have administrative and management experience as former Medical Director of Behavioral Health for Munson Medical Center. I am also a working semi-professional musician, recording engineer, luthier, and recording artist. I have worked in music scene locally, and as far afield as Los Angeles and Mid-Missouri. I have been involved with numerous festivals. I have been a co-coordinator for the BlisstroDome for last 7 years, providing live sound. I have 25+ years of experience with recording and live sound. Many years ago I participated in the Blissfest “Shantineer” program, a forerunner of the Camp Host/ Bliss Assist programs. I am a part of the larger local creative community but also have professional music resources, as far as artist relations and experience with markets of touring musicians, beyond the local area.

Areas Of Interest

Programming and Marketing
Human Resources
Festival Operations
Governance and Policy