Dave Trautman

Why are you interested in serving on the Blissfest Board?
My name is Dave Trautman. I am a Blissfest lifetime member,a semi-retired paramedic, and currently on the Blissfest Board of Directors. I’m proud to say I have been involved with the festival since 1988. I feel my years of experience are the biggest asset I can bring to Blissfest.
A  successful Blissfest requires a mix of elements that contain new and traditional elements. As an organization we have a mission statement that encourages the preservation of traditional music, dance and crafts.  Those elements are part of the”uniqueness” of Blissfest along with the hundreds of hard working volunteers.
My father, mother, sister and brother love the festival and over the years have helped create the festival infrastructure,  laying out thousands of campsites,food vendors and artist booths, truly a Trautman family tradition.
The Blissfest Board has had many challenges during 2020.  Including canceling the festival.  A very difficult decision.  I hope 2021 is a better year for all of us.
I truly love the fest and hope I can continue serving on the board as well as my work with the fest ops and site committees.
Areas Of Interest
Festival Operations