David Wilcox | Songwriting

Sunday, July 12th 11AM EDT 
Songwriting with David Wilcox 

Class Size: Unlimited 

Class Description Open to all experience levels, David will take you through what makes a great song! In his words, “If you decide to trust heart over cleverness, you not only get a song that moves you, you get a song that moves you toward being who you want to be.” Gain takeaways like this for lyric writing  and learn about David’s unique guitar technique. 

Instructor Bio  Folk singer/songwriter David Wilcox’s lyrical insight is matched by a smooth baritone voice, virtuosic guitar chops, and creative open tunings, giving him a range and tenderness rare in folk music. Now, more than twenty albums into a career spanning over 25 years of touring extensively around the U.S and world, he continues to deliver joy, inspiration and invention to his legions of fans. “David Wilcox’s ongoing musical journey is compelling and richly deserving of a listen.” Rolling Ston