Camping at the Festival

Festival Camping Information

Please | No Parking or Camping is allowed along the road Thursday night prior to the festival. Line up starts at daybreak Friday.

No taping, roping, or reserving space in the woods. The entire Hardwood Haven Camp is all first come first serve.  Any space is open to anyone with a weekend wristband in the woods. ( No matter what stick fences are up)

Blissfest Map as of  JUNE 30 2016 [Recovered] copy [Recovered]


The festival campgrounds provide rustic sites with a solar shower, water outlets, PortaJons with hand washing sinks, recycling bins, and trash receptacles. No ground fires or any charcoal grills are allowed but contained and monitored gas units are acceptable.  Walk-In, first-come, first serve camping and any un-reserved field sites are included in the price of a weekend ticket.  Only weekend ticket holders are allowed to camp. There is an abundance of car & trailer camping as well as great walk-in camping in the woods. All vehicles will receive a tag to fill out when you arrive. The state allows the following conditions(see below) for each camp site. Blissfest recommends up to 6 people on a site with 2 vehicles but the state does allow up to 8. You so not have to reserve a site to camp.
Detailed PDF Site Map with numbered sites.

First Come, First Serve Camping 

All other camping on site is first-come, first served including Hardwood Haven walk-in camping, as well as unreserved sites in the field. Camping is included with an Adult Weekend wristband.

Festival Campsite Reservations are Closed


Did you camp in the woods last year?

Do you want to camp there again?

If you want to camp in the BFF again you will be happy to know that this year you can register in advance for camping in the Future Forest.

Blissfest will be taking advance registration so that we can control the density and the number of people that camp in this area. Check-In at the BFF Friday only.

REMEMBER: The Blissfest Future Forest is a Primitive camping area. The sites are suitable for small tents and hammocks. Toilets and water are a walk away. If you have a group, you might not be camped next to each other. 

If you would like to register you must register each camper individually.

SO: Avoid the “Land Rush”-have an area to camp in waiting for you. ASK to register for camping in the Blissfest Future Forest for 2017.


Blissfest Map as of  JUNE 30 2016 [Recovered] copy

Host Campers

There are 10 host camps throughout the campgrounds. They help to monitor their particular area and provide assistance to campers. The host camps will be designated at the festival with visible wind dancers flying above their camp. They will have detailed maps of the camping area, a bulletin board for messages and festival guidelines and are self-serve for most of the day. Host posts do have radios and can help contact dispatch. We may need to recruit additional host campers so contact for details.

Festival Camping Guidelines:

1. Campground quiet down time is at 2am-7am
2. State law for temporary campgrounds requires a minimum of 10′ separating camping units. This is for fire protection.
3. Do not block roads and access points in the campground.
4. No ground fires or charcoal fires of any kind.
*Click here to read additional Camping FAQs*

Back 40 Camping Area

The Blissfest has a Special Use Permit allowing use of the Back 40 Campground Area that we lease from our neighbor. The Special Use Permit is conditional upon meeting performance standards regarding noise levels and appropriate infrastructure. Continued use of this area requires that campers exercise care and responsible behavior. The festival a limited number of sites and parking in this area. The density level will be monitored and controlled. There will again be designated parking in the “Back 40” for those who wish to walk-in camp in the woods.
Please camp and park only in designated areas.


 All camping areas will require a general quiet down period starting at midnight. It is important that all festival participants honor this rule since our collective behavior will determine if we can continue camping at all. Quiet-down simply means that we can sing, play music and have fun but we can not disturb fellow campers or the local neighbors.

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