Mark Allen | Dialing in Your Livestream Sound

Friday, July 10th, 4 pm EDT 
Dialing In Your Livestream Sound with Mark Allen; Allen Audio Systems, LLC 

Class Size: Unlimited 

Class Description: Join Mark Allen, CEO of Allen Audio Systems, and learn the ins and outs of  Front of House (FOH) engineering. Mark has worked the Blissfest stages for 20+ years. He is a world-class audio engineer, and now is your chance to get some insight into the job, learn about your own instrument frequencies, and how to work with an engineer or run sound on your own. 

Instructor Bio Allen Audio Systems has been in business since August, 1988. We started by providing PA systems for bars and clubs around Ann Arbor and Flint, Michigan. Soon, we found ourselves providing additional sound equipment and services for national acts that were performing in larger venues throughout the state of Michigan. Having grown through the years, we now provide all aspects of production for all types of venues and clients, from small clubs and corporate meetings to large scale national acts at festivals and arenas. In his spare time, Mark enjoys sailing, working with his favorite band and friends The Ragbirds, and spending time with his cats.