Mission and Value Statement

Mission Statement

The Blissfest Music Organization’s mission is to preserve traditions and promote innovators of American and world music, arts and sustainable living through performance, education and community participation.

Blissfest Values Statement:

Values statements spell out the core principles that guide an organization’s work and are an important part of the organization’s culture. Values statements help define the principles and ethics by which an organization operates and can act as a guide. They help define what is right and wrong as well as the behaviors and perspectives that are valued within the organization. They are often called upon to help resolve conflicts or to negotiate ethical dilemmas. Community members also can look to these statements to find out more about an organization.

The BLISSFEST Music Organization is an arts organization founded on the guiding principles of mutual respect, tolerance, compassion, diversity and love of the universal language of music.

Blissfest Organization Core Values:

  1. Art Enrichment and Education- The importance of art in people’s lives from participation in and appreciation of music and the folk arts.
    This fosters the creative process, innovation, self-expression and helps develop critical thinking, discipline and problem solving skills.
  2. Cultural Heritage- The heritage of America and all cultures is a window into the history and values that represent the uniqueness of nations through the prism of cultural expression and especially folk art traditions.
  3. Sustainability and Environmentalism- Blissfest advocates for the interconnectedness of human activity with our natural surroundings so as to create highly efficient self-sustaining eco and economic systems that encourages conservation, recycling, renewable energy, land, water and air preservation while promoting a sustainable tourism model for Emmet County.
  4. Community – Blissfest endeavors to promote a community with tolerance, diversity, consensus, teamwork, respect, communication, lifelong learning, family, self-reliance, integrity, honesty, fairness, open mindedness and responsibility.
  5. State of Bliss- Create a non-denominational spiritual path that embraces the power of happiness, joy, celebration, love, non-violence, interconnectedness and positive thinking.