Pre and Post Fest BlissCrew

Pre-Fest Bliss Crew

Pre-fest setup and Post-fest cleanup volunteers are required to provide 12 hours total. Note: There are so many folks who want to work pre-fest that these coveted positions are limited. We really need your help during the festival! If your application is not accepted for pre-fest we will certainly need you during the festival. You can find BlissCrew applications by clicking here.

  • Skilled work exchange or volunteer.
    • If interested please apply below. 
  • Pick a work exchange package:
    • 12 hours= 1 Wristband
    • 20 hours= 1 Wristband + 1 Hospitality Pass
    • 24 hours= 2 Wristbands
    • 40 hours= 2 Wristbands + 2 Hospitality Passes
    • Any other arrangement must be pre-approved by staff

Applications coming January 15th.