Rookie BlissCrew

Rookie BlissCrew
(1st and 2nd Year)

Application Located Below Instructions

***18 Years of Age and Older Only***


Volunteering Questions? Check this out. 

FAQs ONLY for volunteers who have already applied and have been accepted. 

 We are not longer accepting any volunteer applications.  


1) Can I just go to the festival now and not volunteer? 


*If you are planning on attending Blissfest, we need you to choose the 2 four hour shifts. Blissfest will not sell you a wristband. 


*There is no other way to attend at this point, unless you purchase a ticket outside of our organization. Beware of false wristbands. If you buy a false or deactivated wristband from a 3rd party and it does not work at the gate you will not gain entry. 


2) What if I’m not going anymore? 


*If you are no longer attending or volunteering, let us know. You can complete a refund request form that is reviewed after festival. We are generally non-refundable. 


3) Are there any good shifts left? 


There are still shifts available, but space is running out and you may have to work a time frame that is not your favorite, but it’s always fun AND helpful. We need you!


4) What about my wristband? 


Once you have chosen your shifts after approval, you pick up your wristband on site at the Main Gate Check – In Booth. 

How To Rookie Bliss Crew

1) Applying 

  • Complete the application below + $130 Refundable Deposit + (if applicable) $10 RV fee
  • When we receive your application and fees, You will receive a follow up email expressing approval or denial.

2) Self-Scheduling

If approved, there will be a LINK PROVIDED in the follow-up email to:

  • Choose time and number of shifts based on the day(s) you are working:
    • During Festival (Fri,Sat, Sun) = Pick two 4-hour shifts
    • *Pre-Festival (Thursday) = Pick three 4-hour shifts (*must be approved)
    • Post-Festival Monday = Pick two 5-hour shifts
  • Answer additional information on application
  • Provide the $10 participation fee.

Be sure to check your SPAM folder or search for emails from “”  if you do not hear from us!

  • It may take a few weeks for your application to be processed.

3) Training 

  • More instructions and training will be provided as the months go on!
  • Watch for training files in your Volunteer Local profile
  • Check out our MAP

4) BlissCrew Wristbands 

  • You’ll receive a weekend wristband when you arrive at the Main Gate’s Volunteer Check-In Tent.

5) Camping 

  • First-come, first-served camping is included with your weekend work exchange wristband.
  • If you camp in a reserved site, call by March 15th to re-reserve
  • Remember, camping units larger than 16ft have a $10 fee in advance, $15 at the gate

6) Working Your Shifts 

  • All BlissCrew Volunteers must CLOCK-IN and CHECK-IN with their area coordinator at the beginning of each shift
  • At the end of each shift, have your time card SIGNED by an area coordinator

7) Refunds 

  • Deposits are refunded at the festival info booth once both shifts are completed and the time cards are signed


Have questions? please don’t hesitate to contact the Blissfest Office 231-348-7047  or