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Apply below to Join the BlissCrew Work Exchange Program

Please choose the correct application!

      Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until we reach capacity.

We invite you to apply to help us this July 7th-8th-9th, 2017  for another great weekend of music, dance, and community. Please note that work exchange positions will be determined by staff according to festival needs with consideration for seniority, experience, and skill set. 

As an applicant, we need you to be willing to communicate with a valid email address (one per individual) as only major details will be communicated via regular mail. We need to keep in touch with you regularly! Please inform us if this is a hurdle.

For Teen (14-17 yrs) Applications, parent must call the office


Rookie BlissCrew (1st and 2nd Year)

  • $10 Non-Refundable Work Exchange participation and application  Fee
  • $115 Refundable Deposit
  • In exchange for an 8-hour work commitment, you’ll receive a weekend wristband when you arrive at the Main Gate’s *new* Volunteer Check-In Tent.
  • Deposits are refunded at the festival once both shifts are completed

When we receive your application and fees we will schedule you and email your work assignment. It may take a few weeks for your application to be processed.

We try to meet your requests for time, area and co-worker preferences. Please be specific on your application. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to receive your requested preferences. You will be notified asap if your application has been denied.

First-come, first-served camping is included with your weekend work exchange wristband.  At this time, member reserved campsites are no longer available. See FAQ’s for more info.

Have questions? please don’t hesitate to contact the Blissfest Office 231-348-7047 or volunteers@blissfest.org

Rookie BlissCrew (1st and 2nd Year) Applications:

       Placement will occur following Veteran BlissCrew assignments. 

Veteran BlissCrew (2 years +)

Request an Application Below 

  • $10 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • In exchange for an 8 hour work commitment, you’ll receive a weekend wristband when you arrive at the Main Gate’s *new* Volunteer Check-In Tent.
  • Complete the form below and an application will be emailed to you within two (2) weeks.


                       The Bliss Crew Make Bliss Happen!

Here at the Blissfest, we love our team! Our work exchange program allows you to work in exchange for a weekend wristband to the festival, or another arranged perk package. Beyond that arrangement, or in place of, your work is then considered volunteer. It takes around 700 people working pre-fest, during festival, and post-fest to bring it all together!The Blissfest Music Festival literally could not happen without our loyal and hard working work exchange participants.

 The festival is our organization’s main program service and a fundraiser for our outreach programs throughout the year as well as the Blissfest Arts Recreation Center Project. Without this fundraiser, we would not be able to continue to support programs like Ukes for Youth, the Elyce Fishman Scholarship fund, Fall and Winter Concert Series, country dances, songwriting seminars, programs for schools, the forthcoming Blissfest Arts Recreation Center (BARC) and much, much, more.

Folks frequently tell us that they can’t imagine coming to the festival and not working. It is an integral and fun part of their weekend. There is a fitting place for anyone who would like to do the work exchange program.

Please continue reading for more in-depth details.

Pre-Fest Bliss Crew

  • Invitation-only skilled work exchange or volunteer.
    • If interested please contact the office. 231-348-7047
  • Pick a work exchange package:
    • 12 hours= 1 Wristband
    • 20 hours= 1 Wristband + 1 Hospitality Pass
    • 24 hours= 2 Wristbands
    • 40 hours= 2 Wristbands + 2 Hospitality Passes
    • Any other arrangement must be pre-approved by staff

Rookie BlissCrew (1st and 2nd year)

  • $10 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • $115 Refundable Deposit
    • Deposits are refunded at the festival once both shifts are completed

Veteran BlissCrew (Vol. 2 Years or More)

  •  $10 Non-Refundable Application Fee

Teen BlissCrew (they work hard, too!)

  • Teens aged 14-17 are eligible to volunteer
  • $50.00 Refundable Deposit
  • Parents must contact the volunteer manager via 231-348-7047 to receive a teen volunteer application
  • Teen volunteers are subject to the Under 18 Policy. Must have proof of a ticketed guardian as per the policy linked above.


  •  Invitation-only volunteer leadership position
  • Coordinator Program Benefits
    • 16 hours=1 Coordinator Wristband (for yourself) + 1 Guest Wristband + 1 Hospitality Pass + 1 Complimentary Campsite
  • Must maintain an up-to-date Blissfest Music Organization Membership to be eligible
  • Coordinators, please indicate your return by March 15th by completing the Coordinator Check-In form online. If you have not received this in your inbox, please contact the office ASAP.

On-Site Work Exchange Sign Up Requirements and Info

  • Must have wristband purchased in advance and come to the festival wearing it.
  • Sign-Up at Information Booth by the Main Stage
  • Half Shifts must be approved by the Info Booth Coordinator (We prefer full shifts please!)
  • Once your shift is completed reimbursement will be given on-site.
    • Full Shift Refund= $115.00
    • Half Shift Refund= $50.00

Important Dates 2017

March 15th –Camping Reservation & Online Coordinator Check-In Due
March 18th– Volunteer Applications go live on the website
June 1st— Coordinator Guest Registration Due
May 20th – Coordinator Picnic @ Blissfest Festival Farm
May 21st- Volunteer Orientation @ Blissfest Festival Farm
July 6th- Coordinators Arrive, Coordinator Meeting

Work Exchange Training
Mission Statement

 To provide skills, promote community awareness and empowerment, provide safety for all that participate, ensure protection for the organization and its surroundings, and foster a positive environment through necessary and effective risk management techniques.

Please Read Me:

 Work Exchange Training Manual PDF

Work Exchange Information

Becoming a Blissfest Volunteer is almost painless!

Work Exchange participants work 8 hours total, generally split into two 4-hour shifts. In return, we provide you with a weekend wristband to the festival.

Our Coordinators work 16 hours total over the course of the weekend, plus additional hours pre-fest and post-fest to organize their areas. They are the backbone of the festival and the leaders of every area. If you are a passionate and bliss-loving volunteer, talk to your current area coordinator about training with them and becoming one!

Pre-fest setup and Post-fest cleanup volunteers are required to provide 12 hours total. Note: There are so many folks who want to work pre-fest that these coveted positions are by invitation only. We really need your help during the festival!


          Work Exchange Job Descriptions

Because of the large amount of work exchange participants on duty at any one time, it is important that everyone have a general understanding of their job and duties before arriving at the festival. This not only helps to make the volunteer shift more enjoyable for all involved but also gives you a chance to know if you’re being scheduled in an area that you feel you will be able to handle and enjoy.

We ask that all work exchange participants and coordinators review their job descriptions before arriving to the festival. The volunteer manager and your area coordinator will provide you with training material electronically. Be prepared to check your email and read!

If you have any questions upon arrival to the Festival, these job descriptions are available at the Info Booth.

We can’t say thank you enough to all of our incredible work exchange folks, and we look forward to seeing you all this July!

All Blissfest work exchange participants are subject to the policies, procedures & guidelines for their level of participation as embodied in this Volunteer Training Manual.

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