William Hutto III

Why are you interested in serving on the Blissfest Board?
I am seeking to serve again on the Blissfest Board as I know from experience what the qualifications and how much time it takes to fill this position and I do take it very seriously. Since we are in our current state of not knowing what the future holds for us I feel I am qualified to carry us through with situations that are going to arise that I can foresee in the future. I have in-depth knowledge of what the site needs to sustain itself going forward in a cost-effective way.
Please add a brief bio of your relevant experience.
I have been a volunteer, a two-term plus board member, I was Treasurer for I believe three years, Co-chair of the site committee for 6 years. Finance committee 6, Fest Ops for 6 years. Also a member of the Land Use committee. I have stayed on the festival Ops, site and Land Use committees for the last two years I have not been on the board. I have been a licensed building contractor for 31 years and have overseen most of the new building construction including the store building and the Timber frame building. Ken Coy and I implemented the lighting in the woods idea with the Novelty lights and I have since passed this on to Evan and Dave Price who have done an excellent job keeping the lights on!!! I was very fortunate to volunteer to build the Domes in the woods and was able to make one of them into a very fun spot that I have graciously expanded upon each year and am so thankful to be able to stay in during the festival weekends and love sharing to others to rent out in the non-festival times. At the 2019 festival, I was very BLISSED to get married at “The Hutto’s Hut” in the woods to my wonderful wife Gail and give thanks to all of my Blissfest family for participating in making that day a momentous memorable occasion. If I do not get elected to help carry on this important role I will still keep on as a consultant and coordinator/ volunteer. Blissfest is very near and dear to my heart as it is with so many others.
Areas Of Interest
Programming and Marketing
Festival Operations